Pay with Litecoin Visa Card

Last week (January 19, 2021), Charlie Lee announced a new Litecoin (LTC) card. We’re pretty excited about this because LTC has been one of our favorite ALT coins to invest and store value. Over the years, it seems to climb slower and fall slower than many of the other coins – including Bitcoin (BTC). slow and steady wins the race, right?

Features of the LTC Card

The LTC card seems to have the following features as of making this post.

  • Only available in the US*
  • Use it anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Stores you currency as LTC on the card
  • When making a transaction, it automatically converts your LTC to pay for the transaction.
  • You nust go through the normal KYC (Know Your Customer) process – so no anonymity with this card.
  • Manged by Ternio
  • A clean looking white card

* – This is really interesting that it is only available in the US. It seems that the US is finally getting access to crypto financial services that that the rest of the world does not have. In a way, that statement seems a little backwards since watching how blockchain and crypto have evolved over the last 5 years.

Where do you get the card?

It looks like it is available on Be ready to supply all of your personal contact information as a part of the regular KYC process.

Want more? Watch the Video from Charlie Lee

Below is the video from Charlie Lee announcing the new LTC card.